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St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary

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IFSC: FDRL0001339,


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Friends of S T O T S
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N S Imag1 1 STOTS: St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary is a theological college under the management of Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church aimed to nurture leaders who can cater to the spiritual needs and psychological requirements of the multi linguistic Orthodox diaspora outside Kerala and scattered across the Globe. It was the vision of Late Lamented H.G. Stephanos Mar Theodosius to have our Holy Liturgical services conducted in Hindi, English, and other regional languages to help the diaspora community to understand and enjoy the spiritual beauty of the Holy Sacraments through meaningful participation. Seminary is providing the yeoman service in realizing the dream of Theodosius Thirumeni and aspirations of Orthodox diaspora community. Visit seminary website.

During 2018, STOTS is planning to install a Solar Plant at a cost of about RS 21 lakhs, which is expected to meet the energy needs of the Seminary. This investment will be paid back in less than three years, considering the current monthly energy cost of about Rs 60,000 being paid to the Electricity Board. This plant once installed will be a great support for the day-to-day functioning of the Seminary.

Kindly contribute generously for this cause.

Bava thirumeni small H.H.Baselios Marthoma Paulose II "..(STOTS) in Nagapur, Maharshtra is one of the prestigious institutions of Malankara Orthodox Church built up on the culmination of a dream of the Orthodox Christian Diaspora under the committed dedication of Metropolitan H.G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius of blessed memory and of generous support from the faithful.

We appreciate very much the initiative of the coordinators of ICON, have supported the mission of the Church on a few occasions very meaningfully and responsibly, to support our new seminary by opening a new portal for the seminary friends' project. We anticipate, from the faithful of the Church, a genuine concern and creative intervention in STOTS projects for their perfect accomplishment."
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STOTS equips students to acquire Bachelor's and Master's degree in Theology. It is also running other online short term courses. STOT Seminary is also a hub that manages the Sunday school association of outside Kerala (OSSAE-OKR region). The College is affiliated to Serampore University.

Fr. Bijesh Philip small Thank you ICON! STOTS is a unique gift given by God to Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church as a reply to the prayers of many under the dedicated leadership of Metropolitans like H.G. Stephanos Mar Theodosius. At STOTS, we are committed to edify and strengthen the new generations in Diaspora our faith and values to enlighten them our mission. The initiative of ICON is a step forward to fulfil that commitment. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip, Principal.

Currently 75 students attend STOTS. There are nine fulltime faculty and sixteen visiting faculty members. The classes are conducted in temporary class rooms.

STOTS is located in Kalameshwar district, a village 25 Kilometers away from the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Our Vision: To be the Centre of excellence in theological education, intended to train, in the spirit of Christ, men and women, to be committed leaders, dedicated ascetics and exemplary witnesses within N S Imag1 2 the orthodox ethos; who will consistently endeavor to enable members of the church, especially in the Diaspora, to uphold, practice and propagate the Holy Orthodox faith; who will minister to the Church and society responding to the emerging needs and challenges; and who will participate in, and inspire the Church in her God-given mission in India and abroad.

STOTS needs Friends: STOTS needs our constant prayer and support to meet the aspirations and ambitions of diaspora community. A team of dedicated achenmar and staff members are staying in this village at STOTS campus serving the Holy Church for the future generations. They have limited resources to fully utilize their potential. They need help.

If the financial requirements of STOTS can be taken care of by its friends, this dedicated team can concentrate more on the academics and objectives of the Seminary. STOTS is looking for friends - individuals, parishes, organization - who can be a part of this team by making financial donations, one time or regularly. Please help.

Thank you!
Amount Raised:
Balance Needed
2018 Goal $30,000

No Name Amount
1 Sherine & Reji Mathew, Abu Dhabi $300
2 Shoba & Varughese Daniel, Abu Dhabi $165
3 Sumam & Mathew Samuel, NY $200
4 Well-wisher KP001 $250
5 Drs. Sany & John Abraham, TX $500
6 Well-wisher MT001 $165
7 Cherian Abraham, TX $250
8 Sherin & Shebin Thomas, IL $300
9 Lijy & Bijoy Thomas, TX $150
10 Lincy & Binu T Lal, TX $500
11 Molly & Abraham Chirackal, IA $250
12 Dr. Jacob Alexander, MA $200
13 A. K. Vaniapurakal, Essex UK $500
14 Megha & Basil Varghese, OR $250
15 Bethsy Jacob, NY $100
16 Elsa & Dr. Sanjoy Paul, IA $200
17 Nimita & Paul Paret, CO $100
18 Bincy & Georgy John, FL $200
19 Joy Rajan C, Bangalore $250
20 Jose Koruthu, NY $100
21 Jacob Rony, Dubai $81
22 Toms Jacob, Dubai $271
23 Joy M.C., Dubai $27
24 George Oonnunny, Dubai $27
25 Motti Kurien, Dubai $136
26 Alex John, Dubai $308
27 Sherly Joice John, Dubai $136
28 K.P. Paulose, Dubai $136
29 Jacob T.Mathew, Dubai $271
30 Jiji John, Dubai $54
31 Sunny Thomas, Dubai $769
32 Joseph Cherian, Dubai $27
33 Shibu Moses Korah, Dubai $81
34 Jobise John, Dubai $27
35 Shibu Thomas, Dubai $27
36 Well wisher, Dubai $136
37 Varghese Kurian, Dubai $1,538
38 Lt George John, Dubai $1,682
39 Retty Dani, Dubai $27
40 Emil Eappen John, Dubai $136
41 Joseph Mathew, Dubai $27
42 Reju S John, Dubai $271
43 Ajish M. Varghese, Dubai $271
44 Binu Varghese, Dubai $54
45 Joby John, Dubai $271
46 Biju Philip & Sony, Dubai $54
47 Samuel Mathai, Dubai $271
48 Philip Philips, Dubai $3,077
49 Bessy & Babu Kurian, Dubai $271
50 Binu George, Dubai $3,077
51 Shiny & George Abraham, Pampady $155
52 Sujan Thomas, Oman $77
53 Mini Varghese, TX $250
54 St. Gregorios OC Sunday School, Jabal Ali (UAE) $1,000
55 Mini & Biju Paul, Thiruvalla $150
56 Sara Mathew, MD $500

Thank you!
2016 Friends

No Name Amount
1 Shiny & George Abraham, Pampady $500
2 Molly & Abraham Chirackal, IA $250
3 Sumam & Mathew Samuel, NY $300
4 Teena & George Varghese, Calgary $175
5 Elsa & Dr. Sanjoy Paul, IA $200
6 Shilpa & Bright Mathew, Essex UK $100
7 Alwin P Varghese, CMC Ludhiana $20
8 Drs. Sany & John Abraham, TX $1,000
9 Maya & Oommen Kappil, PA $100
10 Lincy & Binu T Lal, TX $500

Thank you!
2015 Friends

No Name Amount

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